Dr. Yumatov Evgeny Yumatov Evgeny A. MD, Doctor Med. Sci., Professor, academician of International Academy of Sciences (ICSD/IAS), Corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Technology and Cybernetics. The Chief Researcher Scientific Research Institute of Normal Physiology P.K. Anokhin. Professor in chair of the General Radio Engineering Department of National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute. He is the author of more than 300 scientific publications, and author and co-author of 14 monographs and of a number of manuals. He has 9 patents for his inventions. Awarded an I.M. Sechenov Medal, P.K. Anokhin Medal, Medal of All-Russia Exhibition Center, Gold I.P. Pavlov Medal of International Academy of Sciences, Diploma di Merito European and Gold Medal of the Eurochambres for his contribution to fundamental scientific and applied research activity.