Dr. Peter Hamar is a Associate professor at Semmelweis University, Faculty of General Medicine, Institute of Pathophysiology and published .Peter Hamar, MD, PhD, is associate professor at Semmelweis University. His scientific interest is to understand the pathophysiologic role of small RNAs in vivo with rodent models. A major roadblock to harnessing small RNSs for therapy is delivery to targeted cells and intracellular compartment. We thus, study delivery methods. Besides being a PI at Semmelweis, P. Hamar intensely collaborates with the Immune Disease Institute at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. We were first to harness RNA-interference for the kidney. Recently we demonstrated endosomal escape of siRNA from lipid nanoparticles with high resolution microscopy (Nat Genet). P. Hamar has co-authored