Sami Lakhal Did his PhD from University of Tunis El Manar Tunis. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Genetics and Molecular Biology obtained with honors Well Project entitled Immunogenicity study and the protective effect of a vaccine using the P20 protein of Leishmania infantum, using laboratory mice as experimental hosts, conducted within the Institut Pasteur in Tunis, under the co-supervision of Pr. Chenik Mehdi and Pr Hechmi Louzir, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Tunis University of Tunis El Manar. His Research Intrests are As a resident in Tunisia where both dermotropic and viscerotropic Leishmania species were shown to perpetuate through blood feeding phlebotomine flies and mammals-such as wild rodents, canids and human beings, over the last twenty years, the Leishmania genus became the single-celled eukaryotic parasite which first triggered my training period as a researcher.