Sk Imran Ali is currently working in Stockholm University as a guest researcher in the department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry.He was awarded PhD degree from University of Bayreuth, Bayern, Germany in 2014. He completed M.Sc. from IIT Madras, Chennai, India in 2009 and B.Sc. from Calcutta University, Kolkata, India in 2006. His research focuses on low-dimensional materials, which can lead several interesting physical properties including magnetic frustration, optical properties, super conductivities and charge density waves (CDWs) etc. Transition metal oxohalides containing lone pair elements often adopt a low-dimensional arrangement such as 2D layers, 1D chains or 0D clusters. These types of low dimensional compounds might show modulated structure and as a consequence it might show CDWs, superconductivity and many other physical properties such as magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, thermal expansion and optical properties.