Dr. Shushi Chen is a professor of Chemistry at the National Chiayi University (NCU) in Taiwan. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan, and his doctorate degree in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Missouri-Rolla, USA in 1994. He worked briefly as a postdoctoral researcher in Chemistry Department at the National Cheng Kung University for one year before being granted the academic tenure-track position at Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology in 1995. He was granted another academic position at NCU in 2002, and worked there as a full professor up to date. Shushi spent more than 21 years teaching in both universities. He is also the corresponding author of 42 scientific articles on several topics, such as chiral and achiral resolutions of tagged amino acids, di-, tripeptides in either analytical or preparative scale, adsorption of toxins, enrichment and recovery of agricultural pesticides including organophosphates, adsorbent- and membrane-assisted extraction and the analysis of active ingredients in the Chinese medicinal herbs. In addition to writing scholarly publication, he enjoys exercising, taking photos, writing creatively as a hobby and playing the piano in the spare time. He currently resides in Chiayi, Taiwan with his wife and three children.