Dr. Raed working as researcher, supervisor and teaching at Lund University-LTH, Sweden in the Division of Water Resources Engineering and CMES. He obtained his PhD. in 2011 in desalination and environmental impacts and Post-Doc in 2015 from Lund University.He did MSc in wastewater management and BSc in Civil Engineering moreover received Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Diploma and Electrical Diploma.He Worked extensively in desalination and brine discharge modelling for Persian/Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and studies Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal Project. He published more than 40 articles, book chapters, many conferences and stand for associate professor level. Got an International Desalination Association Award 2014-15, and member of International Desalination Association (IDA), Arab Healthy Water Association (AHWA), Healthy Water Association of US (HWA), European Desalination Society (EDS), American Water Works Association (AWWA). Year 2016,he has published interviewed Swedish radio-show Hopp (Hope), The Guardian magazine (UK), Scientific American magazine(USA).