Dr. Bharti mittu has received her Ph.D. From Patiala university and working with the pharmaceutical institute of national importance from last 12 years and Worked on a disease Bacterial Vaginosis and a novel protein (bacteriocin) and, its characterization. Biomedical applications of various bacteriocins and probiotics. Expertise in techniques of Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Analytical chemistry Handled most sophisticated instruments. Strong background in Analytical chemistry, Clinical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology. Work was done on Protein Purification, Amino acid sequencing and isolation and characterization of microbes. She has numerous international publications of research and review articles in high impact Journals.She has contributed a number of research articles for International and National Conferences, Editorial Articles for the esteemed Journals.She has associated as an active member of scientific associations.She is a member of Advisory Board, Editorial Board and Acknowledged reviewer of many International Scientific Journals.