Parisa Ziarati,faculty member of Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Azad University, Tehran-Iran has numerous publications (around 120 research articles) in some leading technical and scientific journals and is the author of 3 books. She has delivered 130 lectures at international and national conferences on relevant subjects, primarily environmental, and is often called upon by the Media to discuss topical issues. She has supervising 95 master theses and mediated 76 theses as advisor. Ms. Parisa Ziarati received 17 distinguished university awards, firstly obtaining first Grade in her MSs, subsequently as the most excellent researcher and dedicated teacher with measured outcomes. Proudly, as her passion is research as well as teaching, these awards included the most distinguished director of laboratories during these years. Perisa has in addition researched and published new findings on Phytoremediation, the remediation of contaminated soils by heavy metals and organics, detoxification and removing heavy metals from Foods, including rice and vegetables by adsorbents/ Bio-sorbets. Some of these include new practical methods with clear potential for development. She has working on turning low cost wastes products (food, agricultural, forestry, industrial and mine wastes) into a valuable resources for water/wastewater remediation and pollution prevention.