Dr. Ada Hang-Heng Wong obtained her PhD in Biology from Tsinghua University in 2013 under the supervision of Prof. Yigong Shi. She then moved to the Center for Bioimaging Sciences at National University of Singapore as Research Fellow, focusing on biophysical and biochemical studies of protein-lipid interactions. Starting from 2014, she worked in Prof. Chuxia Deng?s lab at Faculty of Health Sciences of University of Macau. In 2016, she was granted UM Macao Fellowship. Her research focuses on drug screening to combat cisplatin- resistant breast cancer, as well as other cancer types, using cell lines and/or xenograft models. In addition, she is developing novel microfluidics-based systems to facilitate low-input, high-throughput drug screening methods for personalized cancer therapy. She also actively participates in the faculty?s milestone project Precision Medicine on Cancer as project manager.